• John Lynch Fellow Craft Degree

  • Theodora and George Garcia, Chuck Harden, Paul Scott, Ryan Vicars Fellow Craft Degree

  • Terre Haute Masonic Temple Rededication

  • Ryan House, Jordan Gilbert, Drew Stangle Entered Apprentice Degree

  • Jeremiah Graham, Jordan Gilbert, Ryan House, Drew Stangle Fellowcraft Degree

  • Ryan House Master Mason Degree

  • Drew Stangle Master Mason Degree

  • Jeremiah Graham Master Mason Degree

  • Jordan Gilbert Master Mason Degree


Defined as fair, objective, and permissive attitude toward those whose opinions, practices, race, religion, nationality, etc., differ from one's own; freedom from bigotry.  These truths are emphasized in our belief in the tenet of Brotherly Love.  Historically Freemasons have been at the hear of transcending boundaries for the greater good of mankind.


Relief is a founding tenet of Freemasonry requiring us to be charitable in our lives.  Charity is emphasized in many of our lessons.  Masons are charitable through our actions, helping in the community, as well as philanthropic donations of more than 500 million dollars annually across the country.

Personal Growth

Freemasonry brings men together to share ideas and knowledge.  The structure of a lodge helps men grow as leaders and teaches personal responsibility for all our actions.  The mentoring opportunities and knowledge shared from business ideas to personal accountability fosters constant personal growth.


Integrity is seen as the quality of having a sense of honesty and truthfulness in regard to the motivations for one's actions.  In our tenets integrity is part of Truth and is represented by the plumb, always teaching us to be upright in our behavior.


Freemasonry is a fraternity that offers something for everyone.  We refer to each other as brothers, because of a strong bond we share as a group of men.  This is the only fraternity that offers organizations for all members of a man's family. 


American Freemasons have always and will forever fight for American Freedom.  We are very proud of our current and past brothers who have fought and in some cases given their lives for us to live free.  From George Washington and several other signers to the Constitution, to men in our communities - through the generations, freedom is a tenet Freemasons defend.